Employee Volunteer Program

Join Priority to help our local community!

Our “Priorities for Change” employee volunteer program strives to make a positive social impact on our community by:

  • Encouraging Priority team members to discover areas of need within our community
  • Developing a volunteer program to add-on charitable funding and encourage volunteerism among Priority team members
  • Promoting Priority’s philanthropic practices at a corporate level
  • Recognizing Priority team members for their hard work & commitment

Sign up to join “Priorities for Change” today and make a difference. Contact Us To Learn More:

Program Resources

Program Guidelines

Below are the guidelines for employees who want to be eligible for Volunteer Paid Time Off or Priorities for Change recognition.

Commitment Form

Once you’re ready to sign up as a volunteer for our “Priorities for Change” program, fill out the form below:

Proof of Participation

Volunteer Coordinators from the 501(c)(3) organizations must fill out this form for Priority Employees.

WorkForce Time Clock

Employees, use the link below to access the WorkForce time clock.

Submit Pictures and Documents

Click below to send pictures or your Proof of Participation document.

Wear The Cause!

T-Shirt & Ball Cap Ordering Instructions

Fill out the following form to get your “Priorities For Change” T-Shirt and Ball Caps for Corporate Sponsored Events and Approved Volunteer Opportunities.

At Priority, we want to help encourage our employees to:

Love what they do every day

Feel good about working for Priority

Look forward to coming to work

Have questions about our “Priorities for Change” program?
Get in touch with us for more information.